About Us

About Us

Dativa is a data science and data engineering consulting company. Our expertise is in the media sector where most of our work is focussed on making the TV experience more similar to digital. We help our clients use data to make the TV more targetable, more addressable, more accountable, and outcomes better attributed to activity. We are also starting to work in the transportation sector, enabling data from connected cars.

We have in depth knowledge and experience of set-top-box, smart TV, OTT player, and Nielsen datasets and most of our work involves fusing these datasets and putting them to work. We are an official AWS partner and have built some of the largest (and smallest) data pipelines that run on the Amazon cloud.

Most of our clients are in the New York city area, with some clients in San Francisco, Canada, and Europe. Our data science team is based out of Reading, UK, where we are able to recruit, train, and retain data experts much more effectively than the competitive markets on East and West coasts of the USA.

Dativa's offerings and positioning address some key industry trends. There is a great deal of data coming online, and an abundance of ambition to do big things with big data. And there is an enormous problem finding quality resources to formulate and implement data-driven strategies.

We were founded in 2012 as Genius Digital and rebranded to Dativa in 2017. We are a global company with main offices in San Francisco and London. We are currently providing services to companies in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our engineering and operations center is in Mumbai, India.

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Dativa is a global consulting firm providing data consulting and engineering services to companies that want to build and implement strategies to put data to work. We work with primary data generators, businesses harvesting their own internal data, data-centric service providers, data brokers, agencies, media buyers and media sellers.

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