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Advanced Advertising

Our data science and data pipelines underpin the next generation of advanced advertising on TV.

We bring online segments to TV and drive the measurement of addressable TV advertising.

Latest Advanced Advertising News

NFL's fightback against diminishing audiences continues with viewers up 16% from last year's opening game

NFL's advertising revenue was down slightly during last season, totaling $3.28 billion in spite of 5% growth in ratings (from Nielsen) last year but analysts believe this was due to the company lowering its advanced advertising prices due to a decline in audiences in the previous two years.

Apple announces the launch and price of their new TV service - Wall St reacts by sending Roku's stock plummeting

Apple's new TV service will cost $4.99 a month. Roku, whose OS powers 30% of US smart TVs and is, alongside Amazon Fire, the leader in OTT OSs, should be performing better according to TV analysts, who think any effect of Apple TV on Roku's business will be positive rather than negative.

YieldMo teams up with WhiteOps to prevent fraudulent bots infiltrating its mobile ads marketplace

WhiteOps, the NY-based bot mitigation company, will protect YieldMo's programmatic demand partners from sophisticated, fraudulent bot activity. YieldMo delivers eight billion mobile ad impressions to 156 million unique users per month and already had an invalid traffic rate up to 14 times lower than some competitors. With WhiteOp's Bot Mitigation platform, the company has seen a 90% decline in fraudulent traffic to 0.1% of total activity.

NBC and Telemundo shift to using ad impressions instead of ratings for their local TV stations

The Comcast-owned companies have said they are immediately starting to use ad impressions to measure how effective ad campaigns are for their local TV broadcasters, arguing that linear TV no longer dominates local TV and that what is needed is ad metrics across all platforms. Local TV is widely considered to be the last area where ratings are still used to measure the impact of ads.

While bigger corporations remain skeptical of addressable, uptake by smaller businesses continues to grow

Comcast is about to create a new agency within its TV ad sales department to focus on smaller businesses and their creative assets, stating that most smaller companies either have inadequate creative assets or none at all. Both smaller D2C companies and local cable providers are expressing interest in using addressable as well as being able to attribute consumer spending to their TV ads.

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