Advanced Advertising

Advanced Advertising

Our data science and data pipelines underpin the next generation of advanced advertising on TV.

We bring online segments to TV and drive the measurement of addressable TV advertising.

Latest Advanced Advertising News

Roku offers greater flexibility and control as its newfront enables advertisers to only pay for viewers not reached by TV

Aware of the problems advertisers face during the 2020 upfront season, due to covid-19, Roku, the digital media player manufacturer, is offering adjustments in price alongside the ability for ad buyers to revamp, change out or pull their creative to make life easier for brands and agencies reluctant to make upfront commitments during the ongoing pandemic. Increased flexibility includes being able to offer messages relevant to today and not to say a month back, given the rapid changes the world is undergoing.

AI now offers broadcasters fundamental ways to improve customer experience, targeted advertising, and archived content control

While not all broadcasters are making the most of the new opportunities artificial intelligence can offer them, those that do are gaining greater profitability and better positioning in the digital ecosystem. Contextual advertising is allowing broadcasters to provide advanced advertising to buyers, and this includes intelligent advertisement placements. By working on meta-data and tagging archived content, broadcasters are also making their offering more attractive to both viewers and advertisers.

Ad agencies are suffering in the present but looking to the future as clients demand new approaches

The slashing of marketing budgets and the need for new media strategies are putting tremendous pressure on ad agencies to be creative and seek new solutions on much shorter time-scales than they are used to doing. By focusing on customer experience and digital and eCommerce transformation, the ingenuity of agencies can forge a path that helps their clients and assures their viability as businesses.

Netflix initiates a new game-changer by canceling subscriptions after two years of inactivity

Subscriptions services generally only cancel when asked or for non-payment, but Netflix wants to change this way of treating customers by ending subscriptions for any paying customers who haven't accessed the iconic service for two years. Analysts wonder if other subscription services will follow suit.

The mix of an election and the covid-19 pandemic makes this a challenging year for TV advertisers to correctly predict

Some analysts predict that political ad-spend will break new records in 2020. Emarketer predicted an 82% increase compared to 2016 at the beginning of March, while also anticipating that TV advertising will consume a whopping 66% of total ad-spend on the election campaign. And given that the great recession of 2008 did not cause a reduction in spending on political advertising, the covid-19 crisis probably won't reduce ad-spend this year either.

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