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Advanced Advertising

Our data science and data pipelines underpin the next generation of advanced advertising on TV.

We bring online segments to TV and drive the measurement of addressable TV advertising.

Latest Advanced Advertising News

Controlling frequency across multiple channels is the key to addressable success

According to Cadreon, the NY-based advertising company, keeping customers satisfied and reinforcing brand positivity needs an approach that avoids overly frequent ads. The firm also states that educating consumers about the privacy issues in collecting data for addressability is highly important in getting customers to accept this new form of targeted advertising while calling for a unified policy approach to data and privacy across the whole of America.

VideoAmp creates a new dataset combining set-top-box and ACR data

CA-based measurement firm's VideoAmp's new dataset is for marketers in the advanced television market, using data from both linear and OTT television. VideoAmp wants to eliminate the waste found in many advanced TV marketing campaigns by allowing marketers to pursue smart, data-driven strategies. The company is taking signficant steps to ensure consumer privacy while building the commingled dataset.

The Association of National Advertisers creates a new community to aid the marketing community

The NY-based ANA has formed this group for CMOs to help alleviate problems during the covid-19 crisis. The goal is to help with brand experience and innovation by focussing on identifying pressing issues, sharing collective experiences, and identifying the most reliable sources of information. The group has members in the U.S., U.K., France, Switzerland, and China and meets virtually.

Producers innovate to create content as Quibi's launch approaches

Even before the covid-19 pandemic analysts were unsure whether the Quibi model of a mobile video platform with fresh content "one bite at a time." The LA-based entertainment company still plans to launch on April 6, meaning that content producers are converting their garages and homes into improvised studios, with stage lighting, to keep the content flowing during the lockdown. Quibi says they have only had to delay two of their new, original shows because entrepreneurial producers are stepping up and ensuring that Quibi's high-stakes project goes ahead.

The TV industry is already undergoing seismic changes and coronavirus will accelerate this process

One of the big unknowns is how TV will deal with the lack of new content as studios start closing down worldwide, given how important original content has been to date in the streaming wars. Yet the need for new content may result in new solutions such as rationing new episodes and using unscripted ideas which studios can produce more cheaply and quickly. Advertisers are likely to increase the trend of spending more on streaming, according to analysts who have spoken to executives from ad agencies.

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