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The IAB Tech Lab wants to educate the general public about ad tech

Many consider the word "creepiness" best defines the ad tech industry. Given the decline of the cookie and the rise of privacy laws, this poor opinion of the industry is actually an opportunity to educate consumers about the benefits ad tech offers, and about how transformations within the sector are giving much greater control to the consumer. Ad tech also funds online content, and IAB is planning a campaign to highlight these positive aspects of the industry.

Getting TV viewers consent is key to successful TV advertising

When consumers TVs come embedded with sensors, ACR is a great tool for giving precise data insights to advertisers and content publishers. However, with the arrival of CCPA, this method can only give targeted precision when consumers are willing to provide their consent. The SF-based Samba TV says this consent should be gotten as early as possible in the consumer's journey by developing a good relationship with the consumer.

With a 78% increase in ad revenue in 2019, Roku positions itself as a streaming wars winner

Last year CA-based Roku had an ad revenue of $740 million, while it's most popular channel was its own The Roku Channel, which may worry some of its partners. Their concern lies in the fact that Roku favors its own channel to advertisers, at the expense of partner apps. This is part of a more general trend of friction between tech platforms like Roku which control the apps and the media companies which control the content.

The Super Bowl had two winners - the other was Olay

The Super Bowl doesn't just have a football winner but also the firm which wins the race to be the best, most influential Super Bowl ad. According to Talkwalker, the real-time measurement company, Olay's #MakeSpaceForWomen had 160,000 of an overall total of 8.1 million social media mentions, 60,000 once the game was over, and a conversion rate of 20%. Avocados for Mexico came second and a Hulu ad about Tom Brady came third.

Horizon Media stresses the importance of engaging with multicultural segments

Brands want to engage with and target diverse audiences. NY-based Horizon Media, which works collaboratively with fellow NY-based video musical platform Vevi, sees music as a key way in which brands can connect with divergent audiences. Music is particularly popular on cell phones, a challenging device on which to reach consumers. Music is also great for reaching Afro-American and Hispanic audiences.

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