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Advanced Advertising

Our data science and data pipelines underpin the next generation of advanced advertising on TV.

We bring online segments to TV and drive the measurement of addressable TV advertising.

Latest Advanced Advertising News

Sprinklr buys the social advertising business from Nanigans, meaning it now has an ad spend of $1.5 billion

Sprinklr's purchase includes data management, predictive analytics, optimization, and campaign management, as well as granular real-time reporting on social media. The MA-based Nanigans will retain its ability to measure how effective advertising is. Sprinklr intends to help brands achieve their business goals using social media advertising.

ACR data is the key to programmatic marketing intelligence

According to MiQ, the NY-based marketing company, applying marketing intelligence to programmatic solutions using ACR now includes TV, due to the rise of OTT and CTV and the data accompanying them. MiQ describe TV as essential to any OTT buy and is in partnership with data vendors like Inscape.

Twitch to let its users order Wingstop's chicken wings directly from its website, with the commercial as a part of the Twitch experience and not as an intrusive ad

In what some analysts see as a ground-breaking move, Amazon's video gaming live streaming service has teamed up with Wingstop, the TX-based chicken wing restaurant, to allow its users to place a takeaway food delivery order directly from Twitch's website. The key USP in this offering is that Twitch integrates Wingstop as a part of the live stream gaming experience.

Free, ad-supported Pluto TV had 20 million active users last month, up 70% since the beginning of the year

Viacom bought Pluto TV in January. Its growth strategy has been through adding channels from 3rd-party content. 75% of the 47 channels it has acquired the rights to broadcast since the takeover were independent of Viacom, and the other 25% in partnership with the NY-based entertainment company. Pluto focusses on variety and wants to offer something to all potential viewers.

Deterministic TV is the new label for ad buyers who know who they are targeting and what outcome they want

Discovery says that deterministic TV is where audience profiles are known, through set-top-box data, rather than simply inferred through demographics data. Deterministic works best alongside attribution, where exposure to a TV ad connects to an intended brand outcome of the advertiser, such as a purchase or a click.

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