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Latest Advanced Advertising News

Disney sees a 74% increase in American app downloads coinciding with the release of "Hamilton"

"Hamilton," a musical film about one of the Founding Fathers released by Disney+ on July 3, has marked a significant increase in app downloads for the service over the holiday weekend, with 458,000 downloads in the US alone. This increased demand represents a 74% hike in downloads compared to the previous four weekends, illustrating the power of content in attracting viewers. All these downloads represent paying subscribers as Disney+ ended its free trials in June, converting the musical show into the biggest content launch so far this year.

Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube emerge as pack leaders of the streaming wars

The five iconic OTT services account for more than 80% of streaming TV  viewing in America, according to Comcast, the PA-based telecommunications conglomerate in a report it co-partnered with YouTube. The iconic video-sharing platform has seen a 13% household penetration increase this year and a 34% upward trend since March of last year. The assessment also states that most of the growth triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has taken place in ad-supported households.

Streaming video set to become a mainstream advertising platform

With both Roku and Hulu recently revealing technological breakthroughs for next-generation advertising, following in the footsteps of NBCU, a leader in this area with its One Platform. Generally, targeted advertising had been a bit of a mess, while the much cruder methods of conventional cable TV had the advantages of decades of practices in refining their methods, but this is no longer so.

AMC Networks develops a "buyer-first" strategy for ad sales

AMC Networks, the NYC-based entertainment company, says that a transparent approach to how audiences are going to perform, which includes partnering with media buyer platforms and using pilot programs for testing addressable advertising, is a strategy where the company has "nothing to hide and everything to gain." AMC combines this "buyer-first" mentality with its viewer-first focus, arguing that the advertiser will always follow the viewer where possible.

Tubi set to allow advertisers to put a cap on ad spot frequency from any source

Tubi, the SF-based ad-supported streaming service acquired by Fox in March, says that it is addressing a recurring complaint from both viewers and marketers by allowing advertisers to avoid double spotting with its new Advanced Frequency Management service. Both viewers and buyers have expressed frustration at the repetition of ads in OTT services, caused by aggregators accessing publishers' inventory supplies.

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