Genius Digital secures strategic investment from GfK

Genius Digital secures strategic investment from GfK

Tom Weiss, Sat 26 August 2017
  • Major investment in Genius Digital,capping successful 2013
  • Move to align Genius Digital real-time data capture and insight technology with the GfK market-leading research analysis

LONDON, UK, September 25, 2013 – Genius Digital, the specialist in capturing, analysing and applying viewer data for the TV industry, today announced that GfK, the global market research agency, has made a strategic investment in the company. This move will provide global reach to Genius Digital, strengthening the company’s position in the data analytics market and driving the development of its product portfolio.

The agreement gives GfK’s clients access to Genius Digital’s industry leading data capture and collection technology, which will be fed into GfK’s audience measurement services and complement its existing TV, digital and mobile measurement technologies. With the growing amount of data being generated by IP connected video devices, advanced advertising, multiscreen services, second screen solutions, and social TV, it is becoming increasingly complicated for operators to collect, integrate, and manage their customer data.

Jonathan Sykes, Executive Chairman, Genius Digital, said: “We saw the need to maximize the potential of viewer data in the TV industry a while ago and acted on it, delivering a complete analytics solution that is video centric and TV relevant. We are delighted that GfK has recognised the strength of our team, our offering and customer engagements. “Securing this strategic investment will provide a further significant boost to our long term plans, our technical capabilities and our ability to gain traction in new markets.”

The collaboration enables both parties to extend the range of services offered to TV service providers, delivering an ‘end to end’ customer satisfaction program to cable and IPTV operators. The announcement comes as industry viewers look in earnest towards to the concept of collecting, integrating, and managing customer data.

Created to respond to the growing complexity of managing viewer data, Genius Digital’s Insight Platform is an end-to-end data analytics solution, capturing, analysing and applying data for content providers and operators, providing them with a true understanding of the consumer experience. The Insight platform provides analysis and interpretation of the data gathered from connected devices, supplemented with meta-data from third parties, the company provides solution for:

  • Subscriber marketing – identifying groups that are most likely to upgrade to a premium package and viewing behaviours across different segments
  • Multiscreen audience measurement – exploring differences in viewing across different devices. What channels are more popular online? How do people move between online and TV screen viewing?
  • Improving advertising sales – understanding reach and average viewing times for owner operated channels. How much more effective can operator channels be?
  • Better content packaging – which channels can be moved between packages? What channels are you over-paying for?
  • Quality of experience – which client devices provide the best user experience? Which CDNs are the most cost effective?

Tom Weiss, CEO, Genius Digital, said: “Following our award win at IBC, we are delighted to announce the investment and collaboration with GfK. Our Insight Platform helps to make sense of TV viewer data, enabling a deep understanding of how viewers are using and interacting with their TV services. It eliminates the need for operators to utilise a range of disparate analytics platforms, bringing together three key areas that are critical for the success of a solution: accurate data, relevant reports and multi-platform coverage.”

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