TV vs Fridge: The Battle For The Home Hub Heats Up

TV vs Fridge: The Battle For The Home Hub Heats Up

Giles Cottle, Tue 24 November 2015

Where are you placing your bets on which device will become your home’s Internet of Things (IoT) home hub? Will it be your Connected TV, offering an app store of services including, perhaps, remote consultations with doctors or will it be your Electrolux or Samsung smart fridge that can also dish up recipes for what’s inside?

As we transition from hype to reality, the IoT in the home has, to date, emerged in isolated islands of automation, with security, heating control and monitoring of domestic appliances like fridges and toasters being prime examples. These may all deliver value but there is greater potential through integration between these islands, exploiting synergies between them. The big electronic manufactures, such as Samsung, are making claims on creating open integration platforms. This raise the question on the role of pay TV operators and how can they dovetail IoT services into their offerings.

The honest answer is that this is not yet totally clear, but we do have some clues in the fledgling IoT products or services already in evidence from pay TV operators. If we refer back to the smart fridge, it is not too much of a stretch of our imagination that viewers could be asked whether they have tried and liked any of these recipes, and then have this information incorporated into pay TV search and recommendation engines. This could work for both suggesting content and ads for targeting to that particular households on the basis of dinners that have been cooked there.

Analytics – The Intelligence of Things

This will require integration between IoT applications in the home and existing pay TV analytics platforms, such as our own. Naturally we have had our eye on developments around the IoT for some time. We anticipate interactions in both directions, with the IoT on the one hand enriching our existing insights with more information and using the data we already have to trigger actions in the IoT domain. There is likely to be convergence between the domains at the communications and data levels, with both feeding off this base of information about users’ habits and preferences.

Which IoT definition do you subscribe to and which device do you think will be the smartest in your home? We'd love to hear your thoughts here

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