KPI reporting pack automation

KPI reporting pack automation

Giles Cottle, Wed 14 June 2017

Many large organizations have a significant reporting overhead that can consume a lot of time among the business intelligence team regarding collecting, analyzing, and then preparing reporting packs for distribution amongst the management team.

Our client had a 40-page report pack that was being generated monthly to show the performance of all business KPIs that related to their connected TV service. This task was previously occupying the entire business intelligence team for the first week of every month, and we were engaged by our client to automate the reporting process.

Our goal was to build a data platform to integrate all of the necessary data into a single platform and provide the entire report automatically.

KPI Reporting Pack Architecture

Our solution involved aggregating data from different platforms, including set-top-boxes, online video players, the clients' website, CRM system and video asset management system together into a single data warehouse we built on Amazon Redshift. Redshift was a suitable tool because of it's high scalability and low cost compared to on-premises database solutions.

KPI reporting pack

We used Tableau for the reporting because the management team was already familiar with it. Although we find that different reporting tools can be better for specific jobs, there is a significant advantage to standardizing on a single reporting tool for business users, so they do not need to become familiar with multiple user interfaces.

In the final solution, the KPIs were available on a daily basis but were still only distributed monthly using a PDF export from the Tableau workbook. Although this still needed to be manually checked and verified before distribution to the senior management team, the task had reduced from five man-weeks each month to less than half a day.

Having freed up the business intelligence team's time, they were able to focus on why some of the KPIs were under-performing rather than merely reporting that they were. The BI team worked with business units to identify multiple changes in the product and marketing mix that improved KPIs across the board and resulted in significant revenue growth

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