Taking set-top-box data to market

Taking set-top-box data to market

Michael Collette, Tue 28 March 2017

We worked with the TV ad sales division of an MVPD to establish the best monetization strategy for their set-top-box data. The set-top-box data is owned by a separate division of the holding company, so our first task was to work with both the media sales arm and the holding company to agree on the appropriate use cases for the data exchange, and how privacy would be handled.

For MVPD's, the security of personally identifiable information (PII) is particularly important as they are heavily regulated, and much of their success relies upon the trust consumers place in them. We agreed on processes based on heavy anonymisation of the data, and also processes to ensure data was only aggregated to a suitable extent to ensure that it could not subsequently be re-identified.

Once we had received the set-top-box data, we set up a cloud instance to ingest the data into, cleansed it, and fused it together with CRM data, EPG data, and as-run logs of the advertisements. With this in place, we had a sound dataset to begin the analysis.

We initially investigated how readily the MVPD data could be matched with publicly available data in the market, how nationally representative the dataset was, and how quickly it could be modeled against the entire country.

We identified six possible options, of which the most overwhelmingly positive was to create segments based on the data and take them to market.

MVPD Monetization Options

The Behavioral Selling option was preferable because it allowed strong MVPD control of the personally identifiable information and did not disrupt any existing trading relationships. We had also identified several significant trends in the data that we knew would be highly attractive to advertisers.

The MVPD is currently in the process of taking these segments to market, and the initial response has been positive.

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