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Connected Car

Connected car data enables new opportunities across the transportation sector. From manufacturers through to fleet operators and government bodies, the data from connected cars can revolutionize business models.

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Databricks enters the connected car market by making its Unified Data Analytics Platform available to Wejo

Databricks, the SF-based computer software company, will use its platform to enhance data-driven decision-making for Wejo, the UK-based automotive company, to help the British company offer the data-driven insights which auto manufacturers are now demanding. Wejo uses real-time and historical data to improve the driving experience of road users.

EV manufacturers are addressing the issue of silent electric cars by giving these vehicles a unique sound

Ford has put a lot of effort into making its new Mach-E look like a Mustang, but the iconic company is giving drivers the opportunity to have their Mach-Es sound like a Mustang too. Meanwhile, BMW is working with a composer to create musical chords when the new BMW Vision M Next accelerates. The sound is heard in the cabin and aims to make EVs feel more like traditional, gas-powered cars.

The exaggerated rapid implementation of driverless has given way to a more sober and cautious approach

The reality of accidents and even deaths has set back expectations of a driverless future just round the corner within the auto industry, as has a lack of clear regulations for driverless within US states. However, the optimistic predictions are giving way to a more realistic timeline of what is possible for AVs. While testing remains complex, simulated computer models are helping as an accompaniment to real-life tests.

Car manufacturers including Ford and GM worry that if Qualcomm wins its anti-trust appeal, the cost of 5G connected cars will increase

The FTC won an anti-monopoly case in May this year against Qualcomm because of the latter's licensing strategy, but the courts may reverse the decision on appeal in January. Major car producers, including Ford, GM, BMW, and Toyota, among others, are making clear their support for the action, stating that Qualcomm's licensing strategy makes 5G in connected cars more expensive for the consumer.

Accenture says what customers seek when purchasing a car has changed

Accenture has released a report, focussing on the North American market, indicating that customers are generally dissatisfied with the traditional car-buying process and focus on things to do while in a car such as infotainment, rather than great speakers, as well as other forms of connectivity instead of traditional selling points such as exterior design, the vehicle's color and fuel economy.

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