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Connected Car

Connected car data enables new opportunities across the transportation sector. From manufacturers through to fleet operators and government bodies, the data from connected cars can revolutionize business models.

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GM team up with the University of Michigan in producing a report showing automatic braking technology has reduced rear-end collisions by 46%

The same report also showed that lane-change alert technology has reduced lane-change crashes by 26%. GM initiated the report to demonstrate the effectiveness of its automated safety features. The report also stated that a rear-vision camera produced a 21% reduction in backing crashes while a rear-park assist produced a 38% reduction in the same.

ExxonMobil spread their bets by releasing fluids for electric vehicles

ExxonMobil has just released a range of fluid products specifically aimed at electric vehicles. These fluid products include thermal management fluids, lubricants for EV gearboxes, bearings and cooling for electric motors and power systems as well as grease for EVs.

Microsoft is forging new partnerships with automobile companies to use digital technology to revolutionize mobility

Microsoft has recently stated their intention of focussing on solutions for connected cars, the marketing and sales of connected cars, autonomous driving, smart mobility, and intelligent manufacturing. To achieve this, it has developed the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform which offers both cloud and edge solutions.

Drivers take to disabling noisy advanced driver assistance systems because they aren't willing to tolerate the sound of the alerts

A recent JD Power report found that drivers so dislike the ADAS alerts, which come in the form of a loud noise, that they disable the system, making the vehicle less safe. The report also concludes that said drivers are less likely to purchase new vehicles with these safety systems in place for the same reason.

A Waymo experiment indicates that Level 5 autonomy is the safest when it comes to driverless

Waymo ran a test where drivers did not have to touch the steering wheel but did have to monitor conditions on the road, and were themselves observed through cameras. The conclusion was that drivers quickly became distracted and did anything but carefully observe road conditions, leading the company to conclude that the only safe AV is one with full Level 5 autonomy.

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