Connected Car

Connected Car

Connected car data enables new opportunities across the transportation sector. From manufacturers through to fleet operators and government bodies, the data from connected cars can revolutionize business models.

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Ford teams up with Electrify America to access its 12,000 electric charging stations

One of the biggest challenges facing EV drivers is finding available charging stations. In the wake of its emission scandals, VW has set up Electrify America, and through it has invested more than $2billion into creating a charging network in the US. Ford EV users will now be able to access this network.

Ike forges a unique path by rejecting public highway testing for its autonomous trucks

Ike, the SF-based company building automation technology for the trucking industry, says that testing on public highways is too dangerous given that the firm's projected brand reputation is that of a cautious company that puts safety first. With both a driver and an engineer in the passenger seat, the firm will test its four Class 8 trucks and single Toyota Prius on a track.

IoT and machine learning offer a way to make e-scooters safer amidst huge controversies about how dangerous they are

According to Mojio, the Vancouver-based automotive company, using technology such as accelerometers, cellulars, and GPS, can help resolve the safety issues around e-scooters. Machine learning could analyze the driving patterns of e-scooters and then text the riders when they are in danger as well as designing safer models based on how riders act in the real world.

Ford has developed a quadcopter which drivers deploy from its vehicles and which can follow the vehicle and perform emergency and security tasks

This move is part of a general drive by the iconic carmaker to promote new approaches to mobility. The quadcopter, which needs regular charging, can help emergency services to pinpoint the location of where assistance is required and will be available across a whole range of Ford's models.

Tesla has patented a new super-efficient battery which combines multiple battery systems into a single module

The multiple batteries will have different roles to play but will be contained in a single place to allow ease of access by engineers. The single module will also reduce costs by using smaller individual batteries, which, when working together, will allow for more complexity than a single battery of the same size.

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