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Connected Car

Connected car data enables new opportunities across the transportation sector. From manufacturers through to fleet operators and government bodies, the data from connected cars can revolutionize business models.

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Kubota celebrates its 130th birthday with a new driverless tractor

Kubota, the TX-based machinery company, has launched a "wacky" looking electric tractor that drives itself using AI. It has tracks instead of wheels, while a battery on each of its four track units gives power. The tractor uses data from weather reports and crop growth stages so it can decide for itself when and where it needs to work.

GM's Cruise set to produce the first real driverless car

GM's new startup, the SF-based Cruise, will produce a car that does not require a driver and has no steering wheel or pedals. The car, to be unveiled in California this week, will be used for ride-hailing. Cruise argues that drivers in ride-hailing vehicles are often overtired and overworked, increasing safety risks. Given Cruise's stance on dangerous emissions, analysts expect the car to be electric.

Test driving AVs would require billions of miles to prove safety

Driverless companies need to find innovative ways of testing vehicles according to a recent report by the CA-based think-tank, the RAND Corporation, because demonstrating safety in terms of fatalities and injuries would take hundreds of millions if not hundreds of billions of miles of road testing. Even under pressure, this level of testing would take decades. The report says eliminating uncertainty in driverless safety through road-testing is impossible.

Demand from fleets is widening the use of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)

Until now, OEMs have only installed ADAS in upmarket models. Fleets, however, have been requesting that auto manufacturers install ADAS in the less upmarket vehicles that they typically use, resulting in the more widespread adoption of these systems. Fleet managers still complain that getting ADAS in the cheapest trucks and van packages remains complicated.

California eases its rules to enable more driverless vehicles to operate on its roads

The sunshine state's DMV has issued new regulations that allow light-weight delivery vehicles to operate without drivers. The largest of these vehicles can be as big as a small car while the smallest of them can be as tiny as a suitcase. Due to their lightness and lack of passengers, these AVs are considered the safest driverless vehicles allowed on the roads.

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