Dativa tools pandas extensions

Dativa tools pandas extensions


A wrapper for pandas CSV handling to read and write DataFrames with consistent CSV parameters by sniffing the parameters automatically. Includes reading a CSV into a DataFrame, and writing it out to a string. Files can be read/written from/to local file system or AWS S3.

For S3 access suitable credentials should be available in '~/.aws/credentials' or the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID/AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables.


  • base_path - the base path for any CSV file read, defaults to ""
  • detect_parameters - whether the encoding of the CSV file should be automatically detected, defaults to False
  • csv_encoding - the encoding of the CSV files, defaults to UTF-8
  • csv_delimiter - the delimeter used in the CSV, defaults to ','
  • csv_header - the index of the header row, or -1 if there is no header
  • csv_skiprows - the number of rows at the beginning of file to skip
  • csv_quotechar - the quoting character to use, defaults to "


Opens a CSV file using the specified configuration for the class and raises an exception if the encoding is unparseable. Detects if base_path is an S3 location and loads data from there if required.


  • file - File path. Should begin with 's3://' to load from S3 location.
  • force_dtype - Force data type for data or columns, defaults to None


  • dataframe


Writes a formatted string from a dataframe using the specified configuration for the class the file. Detects if base_path is an S3 location and saves data there if required.


  • df - Dataframe to save
  • file - File path. Should begin with 's3://' to save to an S3 location.


Returns a formatted string from a dataframe using the specified configuration for the class.


  • df - Dataframe to convert to string


  • string

Example code

from dativa.tools.pandas import CSVHandler

# Create the CSV handler
csv = CSVHandler(base_path='s3://my-bucket-name/')

# Load a file
df = csv.load_df('my-file-name.csv')

# Create a string
str_df = csv.df_to_string(df)

# Save a file
csv.save_df(df, 'another-path/another-file-name.csv')

Support functions for Pandas

  • dativa.tools.pandas.is_numeric - a function to check whether a series or string is numeric
  • dativa.tools.pandas.string_to_datetime - a function to convert a string, or series of strings to a datetime, with a strptime date format that supports nanoseconds
  • dativa.tools.pandas.datetime_to_string - a function to convert a datetime, or a series of datetimes to a string, with a strptime date format that supports nanoseconds
  • dativa.tools.pandas.format_string_is_valid - a function to confirm whether a strptime format string returns a date
  • dativa.tools.pandas.get_column_name - a function to return the name of a column from a passed column name or index.
  • dativa.tools.pandas.get_unique_column_name - a function to return a unique column name when adding new columns to a DataFrame


ParquetHandler class, specify path of parquet file, and get pandas dataframe for analysis and modification.

  • param base_path : The base location where the parquet_files are stored.
  • type base_path : str
  • param row_group_size : The size of the row groups while writing out the parquet file.
  • type row_group_size : int
  • param use_dictionary : Specify whether to use boolean encoding or not
  • type use_dictionary : bool
  • param use_deprecated_int96_timestamps : Write nanosecond resolution timestamps to INT96 Parquet format.
  • type use_deprecated_int96_timestamps : bool
  • param coerce_timestamps : Cast timestamps a particular resolution. Valid values: {None, 'ms', 'us'}
  • type coerce_timestamps : str
  • param compression : Specify the compression codec.
  • type compression : str
from dativa.tools.pandas import CSVHandler, ParquetHandler

# Read a parquet file
pq_obj = ParquetHandler()
df_parquet = pq_obj.load_df('data.parquet')

# save a csv_file to parquet
csv = CSVHandler(csv_delimiter=",")
df = csv.load_df('emails.csv')
pq_obj = ParquetHandler()
pq_obj.save_df(df, 'emails.parquet')

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