Genius Digital is now Dativa

Genius Digital is now Dativa

Tom Weiss, Sat 26 August 2017

Genius Digital, the expert in audience analytics for TV, has announced today that it has rebranded as Dativa, completing the company’s transformation into a services business, focused on providing data strategy, engineering and operations services for brands, media and technology companies.

As part of the expansion, Dativa has appointed Michael Collette as Chief Executive Officer. Collette has over 20 years experience working with media technology companies, and was a founding executive of Cognitive Networks, a pioneer in Smart TV ACR data. Collette is based on the US west coast and his appointment positions Dativa to build on its already strong position in the North American market.

“The emergence of diverse, strong sources of census TV data has started to transform the traditional television industry. In 2017, we see ‘Data Driven TV’ in the early stages broad, irreversible adoption,” said Collette. “However, there are a great many birthing issues. It is often difficult to find skilled, knowledgeable data science and engineering resources with know-how needed to effectively implement new data-driven strategies. This is the skills gap that Dativa can help to close.”

Collette adds: “Having worked extensively with brands and media companies to build and monetize data products, I see great need for the Dativa team. I’ve seen what this team can do and it’s very impressive. Collectively we have powerful expertise right across the TV market and a rare, holistic view of every type of TV data; whether it is Smart TV, over-the-top (OTT), or set-top box (STB) data. This enables us to help companies every step of the way, which is why we are so excited about the opportunities for the business moving forward.”

In June this year, Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services, acquired the MiriMON technology and development team from Genius Digital, now Dativa. Following this deal, Dativa retains the professional services team, data engineering team and data science team, and will be scaling resource in these areas.

The new Dativa identity marks the latest stage in the evolution of the company into a professional services business. As Dativa, the company will leverage its existing heritage and experience in building, running and maintaining data systems and helping to harness that data most effectively, while helping TV operators prepare for data-driven future.

Tom Weiss will play an integral role in the next stage of the company’s evolution by taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Scientist.

Weiss said: “The launch of the Dativa brand is the natural next stage in the transformation of our offering and we are excited to continue building our data science capabilities as we grow even further. Strengthening our leadership team is a core part of this strategy and that is why we are delighted to welcome Michael to the team. Michael’s expertise in the application of census TV data and broad contacts across the North American market will help Dativa to accelerate our growth and focus in the region, and deliver a fresh, innovative outlook to professional services.”

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