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Advanced advertising is changing the nature of ads - with local ads benefiting

According to Comcast's Freewheel, local TV has long been the black sheep of advertising, but as household addressable becomes more widespread, so local inventory is becoming more valuable. A fractured market is also helping to make local more popular as marketers have had to reconsider how they target the audiences they want to reach.

Comcast develops a data-driven addressability tool to target major brands

Comcast's ad sales unit has developed two new products: an addressability tool so that brands can choose five creatives for a 30-second ad spot, and an audience intelligence tool, which uses third-party data from Experian and Polk alongside its own set-top-box data to build granular profiles of its audiences.

Comscore and Inscape team up using ACR to create viable cross-platform measurement capability

Comscore is using ACR from Inscape, the CA-based TV insights company, to link distinct data points to create effective cross-platform measurements. Comscore says the reason for this is because it wants to ensure that it counts every impression regardless of when, where, and how a customer views it and that, by doing so, it is solving one of the most perplexing problems which the media industry currently faces.

While many analysts believe Disney will overcome Netflix and win the streaming wars, Forrester Research sees a mixed ecology emerging

Vertically-integrated SVOD offerings have allowed Netflix to show a huge range of great content, but this will no longer be the case by 2020 as companies show the programs they own on their own OTT services. Forrester believes viewers will subscribe to whatever combination of OTT services best fit their viewing needs as a household.

Access to vast quantities of data sets Amazon apart from its rivals as the OTT streaming wars heat up

Marketers can target 100 million Amazon Prime users, who have access to Amazon Prime Video, with video inventory. This targeting is similar to how marketers target users on social media platforms. Traditional TV has the large audience but not the measuring capabilities while, of the OTT firms, Amazon already has the largest audience.

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