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Latest Advanced Advertising News

Vizio is using its large device footprint to enter the ad business

Vizio already has content, through its SmartCast and WatchFree apps, and a data product in Inscape. The firm has already been profiting from some of its inventory on its SSPs and is looking for better control over the advertising on its platforms to ensure that primarily advertisers, but also consumers, have a better advertising experience.

Two-thirds of respondent marketers have used advertising space from OTT or CTV

In a recent report, FreeWheel, the NY-based advertising company, states that of 300 marketers who responded to its questions, 57% have invested in addressable. Meanwhile, 33% have used set-top-box VOD spaces in which to advertise. The firm says this shows a similar growth in 2019 to that seen in 2018. Spending optimism also saw considerable growth.

Factual to help brands make the most of their customer data

Factual, the LA-based advertising company, is launching a new product called Data Enrichment, the aim of which is to help firms both understand and engage better with their customers. The product will do this by enriching the first-party data these companies have with Factual’s high quality, real-world visitation data, giving them better insights into customers and their location patterns.

Matter More Media believes that in 2020 up to 25% of linear TV will become addressable

According to Matter More Media, the Chicago-based advertising firm, only 3% of linear TV is currently addressable, but with the programmers and technology now available, this could reach 25% this year. The company says that while OTT is easy to make addressable, the reality is that a lot of OTT content is still not addressable. At the same time, linear TV providers seem to be making more effort to become addressable.

Peacock's free streaming service wants consumers to enjoy the ads

Peacock, NBCUs OTT streaming offering, which will launch in April, plans that its primary source of revenue will be through ads, as is the case for Hulu. With the streaming wars in full flow, many customers find one OTT service isn't sufficient in terms of content but that subscribing to many is too costly. Peacock hopes to be profitable by 2024, with the goal being 30 million active users generating $2.4 billion.

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