TV Data

TV Data

We are experts on all forms of TV data. From set-top-box to smart TV data, we have created platforms to collect, aggregate, store, model, and visualize TV data. We understand the differences between OTT viewing data and MVPD data and have developed models to provide integrated reporting across all platforms.

Our in-depth knowledge of smart TV, OTT, and set-top-box data is unique in the industry, and we can provide strategy, modeling, and engineering solutions to process and integrate any TV dataset.

Latest TV Data News

Does Apple+ new low-cost streaming service indicate the start of a TV OTT price war?

Apple has made its name with high-quality, expensive products, which makes its decision to pitch its new streaming TV service at $4.99 a month somewhat surprising. In a market that is rapidly becoming saturated with new services, and given Disney+ set their streaming service price at $6.99 back in April, analysts are asking themselves if we are about to see a TV streaming price war.

NBC Universal set to launch a new streaming service, called Peacock, in April next year

NBC Universal will use its 15,000 hours of TV and movie catalog to underpin the new service, as well as offering original content. Peacock will be ad-supported, but many cable packages will also include the service. NBC says the name indicates the kind of quality programming the service will offer.

Altice customers now set to get Amazon Prime to add to Netflix and YouTube offerings

Altice, the NY-based telecommunications company, has added Amazon Prime Video to its Altice One OTT platform. Altice recently said it had 429,000 unique customers at the end of Q2. The company has also recently collaborated with Amazon in producing home speakers for Alexa, the Internet giant's virtual assistant.

Comcast buys Metrological to pursue its strategy of third-party streaming app integration

Metrological, the Dutch-based information technology and OTT application platform company, has been acquired by Comcast. Comcast has an app store on its X1 video platform, which it both uses for its own brand and also white labels to other firms such as Cox Media, and the purchase appears to reinforce its strategy for the platform.

57% of Americans will watch some CTV in 2019, up from 51% in 2017

A new emarketer report says that 57.2% of Americans will view TV through CTV this year while advertisers are expected to spend $3.8 billion on OTT in 2019. While some viewers supplement their linear viewing with OTT and CTV others are replacing linear completely, meaning that advertisers also need to change their habits.

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