TV Data

TV Data

We are experts on all forms of TV data. From set-top-box to smart TV data, we have created platforms to collect, aggregate, store, model, and visualize TV data. We understand the differences between OTT viewing data and MVPD data and have developed models to provide integrated reporting across all platforms.

Our in-depth knowledge of smart TV, OTT, and set-top-box data is unique in the industry, and we can provide strategy, modeling, and engineering solutions to process and integrate any TV dataset.

Latest TV Data News

Nielsen announces plan to divide into two businesses - global media measurement firm, Nielsen Global Media, and market research analytics, Nielsen Global Connect

Nielsen, the iconic TV measurement company, is splitting into two over the next nine to twelve months. The Global Media side will continue with TV measurement activities, including ratings, while the Global Connect side will offer data and analytics concerning market share and performance to retailers and goods manufacturers.

OTT is not following the traditional innovation-adoption route for marketers

Life is not currently easy for investors and buyers of ad space on TV, due to its legacy industry and its technologically advanced industry having a number of conflicts, such as that nobody properly understands the competition, even the best-informed buyers are getting confused, and the innate instinct of investors is to stay clear of what they cannot understand.

While consumers see streaming wars, advertisers are capitalizing on OTT benefits

OTT essentially offers the measuring advantages of digital with the popularity of TV, and advertisers are finding that consumers to ads on OTT platforms. Recent research has shown not merely that 72% of viewers were able to recall ads but that 40% had actually paused the program they were watching to investigate a product or service whose ad they had just seen.

Amazon surprises analysts by making Disney+ available on its Fire TV devices

While giving its Q4 earnings call, Disney said its services will be available on Amazon as well as on LG and Samsung's Smart TVs. Amazon will also include Disney+ in its Universal Search feature using Alexa. Disney and Amazon were reported to be locked in a dispute over advertising rights in Disney apps, a conflict that the two companies have clearly now resolved.

OTT services need to work out which competitors to accept ads from in a complex market experiencing streaming wars

Disney's decision to not host Netflix ads makes sense, given Netflix doesn't host ads. Yet when dealing with other big OTT providers, such as Google, Amazon, and Apple, such a move would be counter-productive, given the ongoing relationship Disney has with these companies. E.g., Disney spends almost nine times as much on licensing toys, many of which get sold via Amazon, than it does on Disney+.

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